You Will Learn:

4 Step Overview

Topic Selection

In part 1, you’ll learn how to identify the best topic for your goals, including: The best sources to consult when brainstorming ideas; What to look for when considering different topics; How to ensure that people will be interested in your infographic.

Locating Your Data

A topic is only as good as the data that supports it. In part 2, we’ll cover how you can find the facts and figures you need to create your infographic, including: Finding compelling, accurate data to include; Utilizing dozens of sources to consult for information.


In part 3, you’ll learn the steps required to create a visually appealing infographic on a low budget, including: Locating the right designer for your project; Producing a professional and compelling final product; Marketing your infographic – before it’s even finished.


In this final part, I’ll share the techniques I used to bring in large amounts of engaged traffic with next-to-no marketing budget, including how to: Get the greatest ROI from your investment; Promote effectively through Facebook ads; Submit to the best infographic directories and more.

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